Extract of a practice session during a workshop with students in July 2019 in Kyoto City University of Art.

Stave and scores

Sequence of movements


Sound performance | rehearsal for the festival Baléapop | Saint-Jean-de-Luz, August 2019

Chorós is a moving chorus made by the unbridled voices of performers who walk on a circular score drawn on the ground or on a carpet. The instructions of the score give simple sound indications that let room for a wide vocal range and a certain freedom to the performers, and thereby generates sound masses constantly moving and mutating.

Chorós tries to reconnect with the etymological origin of the word « chorus », which in ancient Greek « χορός » (chorós or khorós) refers to round dances or group dances that was occasionally accompanied by chants. Chorós brings back together the chorus to it’s etymological sister, choreography.

Chorós はコーラスの語源説である、たまに歌を伴う円形の群舞を示唆する古代ギリシャ語の「χορός」(コロース)と再接続することを試みている。