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The Lovers

Sound installation | wooden bench, loudspeakers | 2015

On this fake wooden bench are two loudspeakers which are exchanging during a dialogue. From one of them we can hear a woman’s voice repeating: «Oh James ...» from the other, a man’s voice repeating: «Oh Catherine ...».

The whispering voices subtly vary the pace, tone and mood. They are sometimes tinged with nostalgia, love, yearning, despair, bitterness, tiredness, but endlessly repeat these same words, looking like a refrain taken from one of the early sentimental talking movies in the 30’s.

一つのスピーカーからは女性の声で「Oh James…」、もう片方のスピーカーからは男性の声で「Oh Catherine…」というやりとりが繰り返される。


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